Prenatal Yoga is a great way to naturally prepare for childbirth and to enjoy your pregnancy. Why?
Because a practice of yoga in pregnancy is beneficial for mother's and baby's health and it is a suitable moderate activity for every uncomplicated pregnancy. Yoga strengthens your body, releases a tension and stress. Yoga also enables a prenatal communication and empowers femininity and motherhood (and a lot more:) 

This workshop teaches you the base of prenatal yoga positions which prevent common prenatal problems and you can also use them during the birth. We will practice also simple relaxation and meditation techniques (visualisations, mantras and affirmations) which help you to know your mind better, to stay calm and confident during the pregnancy, birth and motherhood later.
You will receive a little prenatal yoga manual to take home for your own practice.
Workshop is suitable for every women with uncomplicated pregnancy from 13th week. It is not necessary to have any experience with yoga.
8:45 Welcoming
9:00 Introduction & Sharing Circle
9:15 Breathing techniques & Asana practice & Pelvic Floor practice
10:15 Meditation & Relaxation
10:30 Prenatal Yoga theory
10:45 Breathing techniques & Asana practice
11:30 Pelvic Floor Practice & Restorative poses & Poses for birth
12:00 Yoga Nidra & Meditation & Relaxation
12:15 Closing Circle & Questions
Price: 940,-

About Tereza:
Prenatal Yoga inspires Tereza more then five years and she has been teaching it in Australia, Belgium, France and Czech Republic. Prenatal Yoga guides her through three pregnancies and she is a mother of a 4yo girl and 1yo boy. She creates an E-book about Prenatal Yoga and Online Prenatal Yoga Course (only in Czech now) which contains more then 17 hours of yoga and meditation. Tereza writes blog about Prenatal Yoga and she makes a short videos for YouTube.
For a moment all is in Czech, but don't hesitate to contact her for any further information.
Looking forward to see you!