Come and flow with your breath. I'd like you to really get into yourself, so we' ll start with focusing on our mind, breath, body and its possible tensions. To get through that we'll practice pranayama techniques and prepare our body for more dynamic asana sequence. Sometimes the classes might be bit challenging, sometimes we'll practice more gently, either way we'll always stay in respect to our body and work safely with its current possibilities. The cherry on the cake is deep relaxation followed by therapeutic touch and the scent of essential oil at the end of each class.

About teacher Katka Michálková: 

As the time goes I realize yoga plays more and more significant role in my life. As a physiotherapist I love to use yoga techniques in treating my patients. As a yoga teacher I like to influence the classes with physiotherapy principles. The combination of both defines me. On my personal way yoga is teaching me how to live mindfully in peace, love and compassion with myself as well as with all living beings. Much can be said but the best way how to get to know the personality of yoga teacher and his conception is by joining his class. Therefore I'm really looking forward to seeing you on the mat.  

Open class: 200 CZK/ 70 min

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